Friday, November 30, 2012

Dice doing cabinet pushes

Dice doing cabinet pushes - this is treiball prep!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Flyball box turns

I have been teaching all the younger dogs box turns.

  I teach them to "jump on, Jump off".  I have a turn board, and gently angle it. About 40 degrees or so.
I have a prop in front of it that will have to be jumped over it. I first lure the dog to put front foot on and stretch up a bit on the wall behind.  After a bit they will put a hind foot on, and I reward. Then move them off, lure a jump onto the board. And throw a cookie so they chase it off.  I find it actually crazy easy to teach if the dog isn't afraid of the board.

I do want to see a nice jump on and jump off - it should have a nice Thump, thump sound as the front feet and then hind feet hit.

I do want to see a nice hind foot push.   I angle the board up fairly rapidly till it is very steep, which I do think helps encourage this, especially as you get close to vertical.

I really want that behavior patterned.  Do a lot of reps so that's how they turn on a board without thinking.  At least ideally.

Wrigley visiting lab - Streak - perfect's mother - Steel -

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Steel and Tracer in Single dog racing this weekend

Holly Merwin was kind enough to share her video of Steel in single dog racing this weekend. Her and Kyle's Zoey also did GREAT in single dog.  Of course she wasn't as brilliant as in class, but a nice solid performance to build on!

Tracers box needs work - he was splating on the box like a bug on a windshield.  When I went back and trained it Sunday I realized it was weaker than I thought.  Back to the drawing board.  But everything else was good, and he will run for anyone, including a guy he had never met.  Was running around 4.5, but definitely can get that down if I clean up his box turn and he gets a little more comfy with it all.

Notes - Steel's Box turn - this was on a box he had never been seen, and his first time racing anywhere but at woofs. Very pleased with him.  I <3 his box turn hard.
- Need to work on forcing single striding all the time.  After seeing this, went to 8' spaced jumps.  Will go out 4 inches every week for awhile, till back to 10'.  Don't want him to notice I am stretching them out.
- Steel did decide to chase Tracer once (who was running in the other lane). He got silly a bit then and came back without the ball, but easy fix.  I don't think he will chase any other dogs, but I want to check him on other borders.  Was running under 6s, which is okay considering he was a bit tentative.


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Nice photos of extension and collection

From silvia Trkman's website - Look at the bottom of the page -

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Great slow motion video of dogs doing agility

Great video. The slow motion realllly lets you see what is going on.